As I Stand Atop This Mountain Looking Down At All Whom Stand Below Me. I Feel That Of Which Is Know To Many Of You As Pain, A Measure Of Which Cannot Be Found. As Mighty As I Stand I Shall Surely Fall, For I Have Been Dealt A Blow That No Wound Can Heal. This Blow, This Attack Has Taken Place At My Very Core. Aimed At The Thing In Which We Most Need To Survive, The Heart. As I Now Make My Decent Into The Valley I Can Feel The Rain, Beating Upon My Back As If One Hundred Thousand Arrows Drawn Of Flames. With Each Step I Take I Can Feel My Pain Grow Stronger, The Hurt That Dwells Inside Plants It’s Seed Of Venom To Slaughter. Every Ounce Of Love, Every Ounce Of Courage To Fight The Good Fight; To Wage Against The Plummet The Darkness The Stretches Out Of Sight. I’m,… I I I Falling, I’m Am Really, For What Could Cause Such A Thing, Could It Be The One Closest To Me. The One I Drew Near Too, The One I Cast My Love Upon. The One Who Bread For Us Life, The One Who Bore My Sons. No, No, No, Tis Not She….. Tis Thy Pain Of Life, Thy Grief, Thy Sins, Thy Iniquities. For Years I’ve Display A Face Of Dazzling Grace, But Truthfully I Have Come To Accept That It Was All Just A Play. For Which I Stood On Stage And Played My Role. A Strapping Young Man, Who Stood Upon Faith And Carried Himself With Strength And Truth For Young And Old. But As Time Has Gone On I Have Grown To See Many Things, Lives Taken Before Me, Lives Shattered Far Apart, To And In Between. With Each Pasting Day, I Feel What Seems To Be A Strength. Building Up Inside Me Forming And Taking Shape. It’s Temperament That Of Something Not Unknown, But Of Something I Would Draw Not To. Something To Be Kept In Secret, In Darkness And Alone. As I Continue My Descent I Feel This Beast Rising Up Inside Of Me, Begging To Be Free But Knowingly Knowing That The Outcome Will On Leave A Destructive Path Which Will Stand At My Feet. Yet This Rage I Feel I Cannot Hide, To Keep This Rage Contain Something I Must Sacrifice. For That Thing I Do Not Know, For The Answer To Such A Question Evades Me Ever Longing To And Fro. To Feel Not This Pain And Carry Not This Hurt, Is To Purge Ones Self Of Heart And To Lose Sight Of Hope. If I Could Would I… Chose A Path Of Darkness, Chose A Path Of No Light, Chose A Life Of Isolation A Life Of Darkness Inside..

To Be Continued….