November 22, 2013, God and I set out on a 19 hour car journey to New York. I faced many tests and trials which extended my travel time greatly, but GOD gave me the courage and strength to stay focused and to trust HIM in the midst of some life threatening situations. I went through an ice blizzard (Indianapolis); a horrible snow blizzard (Pennsylvania) with slippery slopes that made trucks and cars pull off to the side of the road to wait for a safer time to travel. These times of pressure were prayer times for me. I spent the night in a gas station with many other travelers in a strange town but, I slept like a newborn. The peace of Jesus exists when you are in His will for your life. I arrived safely in New York one day later. My hotel, of which, I had a 7 day stay reservation, had a policy that they broke for me. They did not charge me for missing the first day instead they allowed me to stay an extra night. I was homeless, so that plan worked wonderfully for me. I had enough money to live 7 days in New York, then God would need to do a MIRACLE for me.

While living in the hotel, I visited the only church that I was acquainted with and had visited several times. This was the same church that my sister and I attended on our visit and upon our return to Wisconsin, God spoke Genesis 12:1-3 to me.

The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you. I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you. I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you and whoever curses you I will curse and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.

As a homeless person, I wanted to serve the homeless. Unknowingly, the church blessed me with an opportunity to be trained as a volunteer with their members to successfully serve many homeless people on Thanksgiving Day. This made me so strong in the Lord that, I was empowered by the Holy Ghost to serve with God’s grace and love. The table I hosted continued to thank God for me without even knowing I was one of them–a homeless person, in the process of GREATNESS for the Kingdom of God!

God sent me to a wealthy place. I obeyed God’s voice and I went to a place that I did not know anyone nor did I have family but, I had a prophetic word and a promise that with all my being and soul, that I believed by FAITH, that it was God orchestrating all of these divine interruptions and interventions to fulfill His purpose for my life. God also reminded me of another prophetic word over my life that was spoken during an urban mission/ministry trip. He opened up for me an opportunity to co-lead as a graduate student/graduate resident advisor of Wheaton College (Spring 2002/2003). Yes, GOD is good!

In March 2002, God spoke through a woman of God in a 911 strategy meeting I attended at Brooklyn Tabernacle Church. Thousands of people came together as one to hear from God, as to how can the church respond and serve the wounded residents of New York. I asked God to reveal to me if He was sending me to New York. I wanted a sign or wonder that would confirm that God was speaking. This woman was used by GOD, she spoke loudly without a microphone and I heard this message in the top section of an auditorium…“Yes, I am relocating you here. I will use your hands, your feet and your mouth to bring healing and deliverance to many here. When I tell you to GO and you GO than I will give you the desire of your heart.”

The pastor and church have really been a blessing in my life, naturally and spiritually through God and God alone. I have seen both miracles and healings, due to my obedience of joining this church. After my time at the hotel expired due to lack of funds, I sent an email to a place I found on the internet. I explained I was homeless and I needed help. I shared that I did not have family and I needed shelter. I spent two days in my car and received a call from a beautiful Jamaican woman who owned a shelter for men, I shared my testimony with her and we praised GOD. She said she knew the Supervisor of the DSS in NY and that she would share with her my situation, she was positive they would help me.

During my time with the Jamaican woman, I learned that my unemployment, which was denied while living in Wisconsin, was overturned and I started receiving an unemployment check while in New York. Whilst I lived in a shelter, I was discovered by AFLAC. They did not know they hired a homeless woman. God used me to write business in a new industry as a homeless woman. In shelters, I prayed and preached the Gospel of Jesus to so many women. I was being processed for GREATNESS in a homeless state. I endured so much, it was very painful at times. I had to learn to love even when I was being hated. Sometimes, I did not pass the LOVE test and God had me repeat the test until I showed LOVE.

March 2014, I was released from the system into permanent housing. God brought me out and then the TEST! I went through a financial drought. I could not focus on my business because of my difficulties. I was asked to leave because I could not pay rent. On my way out the door, I served the employees’ needs of a business which brought me survival income. I lived in my car from October 2014-December 2014 in Hempstead, NY. My pride would not let me return to DSS because I had been wounded by the system and I was in a very unforgiving state. God was dealing with my heart. I was homeless but was working at a food pantry feeding the homeless. I was giving my food and monies to homeless people on the streets. I recognized that God was processing me to be a modern day ESTHER for the homeless, poor and needy. This humbled me and I stopped fighting against the calling and accepted that my homelessness was purposeful because a promised destiny was attached to it.

God favored me GREATLY. On cold nights, I and some other women were allowed to sleep in a 24 hour McDonalds until the Owner found out and discontinued it. I found another safe and warm place until I was discovered and continued to work my business to try to turn things around. I walked three days from Hempstead, NY to Brooklyn, NY (17 hours round trip) to save my belongings in a Brooklyn storage. Leaving very nice clothing, gospel cd’s and sermons to bless people in low income communities. I rested on benches outside of high rises in Brooklyn, many were surprised that I was still ALIVE! God kept me safe. Bus drivers gave me free rides when I just could not make the rest of the journey. I had two trusted friends who helped me greatly. God used them as angels to provide for my needs: food, clothing, bus cards and so much love.

After all that toil, my car was impounded due to suspended registration and plates. I called the Hempstead police and shared with them my situation and that I was working daily trying to turn my situation around but it was very difficult. As I was explaining my plight, a Christian sister heard me telling her co-worker my story, she said God revealed to her “You must HELP her.” As I think about this life changing experience tears are flowing…The Nassau County Police Department was used by God to save my life. They collected $1280.00 for me. The Supervisor, the angel that God used, and another wonderful officer (all women) deposited the money into my account. On December 16, 2014 a day before my birthday, God blessed me with the best birthday gifts. Two white officers, a black officer and a black homeless woman were so moved by my story, they said they had to meet me because they’d never heard a story like mine and they needed to meet me. They said this was life changing for their department and because of this experience they have created a fund they called the “Deborah Fund.” To be used to find a person or persons in need every year around this time and be a blessing to them like they were to me.